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Frank Delo Jr.

Welcome friends! I've lived a fun and beautiful patchwork of a life spanning multiple fields that don't seem to fit together at all! But here I am!

I'm spending my life helping people like you to become healthier, safer, and more confident, so that they can build a better world and live more joyful lives with the people they love.

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5 Angles: The Practical Fundamentals Of The World Of Filipino Martial Arts Of Escrima, Arnis, & Kali

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Are You Ready To Learn Filipino Martial Arts?

Are you overwhelmed by the flood of media and materials out there, but don’t know where to begin? Have you recently been challenged to a DEATH MATCH!?

5 Angles: The Practical Fundamentals Of The World Of Filipino Martial Arts Of Escrima, Arnis, & Kali by Frank Delo Jr. lays out the core principles and fundamental movements of his family’s system in clear and simple language as a gateway to the larger world of Filipino Martial Arts.

For novices, Delo’s book introduces important aspects of self-defense beyond the basic moves and ideas. Teachers and experienced practitioners will appreciate the simple, practical observations on teaching and pedagogy from Delo’s professional career in education. All readers will enjoy some candid glimpses into the culture of the Philippines, and a unique perspective on the Asian-American experience.

5 Angles: The Practical Fundamentals Of The World Of Filipino Martial Arts Of Escrima, Arnis, & Kali by Frank Delo Jr. is an invaluable guide for students and teachers alike on their martial arts journey.

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Frank Delo Jr. is an author and security professional who has been a successful teacher for over two decades, and a practicing martial artist for nearly three decades. He has taught a diverse group of students from early childhood through adulthood. His personal teaching philosophy emphasizes mastery of fundamentals, and real confidence and personal achievement earned through dedication and hard work.

Lord Delo earned a Taekwondo black belt and studies Chinese internal arts and Filipino weapon arts. He has served as a licensed substitute music teacher for several Chicago area school districts, and in spring semester 2022 served as the visiting professor of clarinet at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. He has also been a clarinetist for nearly thirty years, performing actively around the greater Chicago area, Northwest Indiana, and around the world.


Amalgam Martial Academy

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Become Healthier, Safer, And More Confident Through Our Unique Variety Of Traditional Martial Arts!

In 2015 we were faced with a choice: combine the expertise and talent of several experienced martial arts instructors to take a risk and open the best independent martial arts school we could on our own terms, or simply let experience, expertise, and opportunity slip away…

And here we are today, Amalgam Martial Academy! We're located in beautiful Downers Grove, IL just forty minutes southwest of downtown Chicago.

Do you need to keep the schoolyard bullies at bay? Do you want to maintain a clear mind and a limber body into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond? Let us show you the way!

We’re not a “McDojo” or “belt factory” type of school, and we don’t do business like one. No long expensive contracts, no hidden fees, no tricks. We’ve gone through that experience so you don’t have to!

No myths, mysticism, or traditions for their own sake. Our students learn the truth about what really works & why through expert traditional teaching balanced with modern knowledge and practice. Gain real confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and the ones you love. There is no reason to live in fear. You can do this, let us show you how!

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Clarinet Dojo
Inner Door Sessions

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Join host Frank Delo Jr., clarinetist, teacher, and martial artist, as he talks with friends and colleagues from the world of clarinet and professional music!

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Episode 16- Brad Behn RETURNS!
Our friend Brad Behn returns for a discussion and exploration of the all-important clarinet reed! Are new things on the horizon? Join us to find out more!  Listen To More

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Episode 17- Double-Lip Embouchure With Eric Ginsberg
Our friend and teacher Eric Ginsberg returns for a discussion and exploration of double-lip embouchure! How can this technique benefit you? Join us to find out more!  Listen To More

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Episode 4- Dr. Denise Gainey
Thanks for watching this valuable interview with Dr. Denise Gainey!  Listen To More

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Building a healthier, safer, more confident world one person at a time.